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Security Assessment 

Get Security Advice from Licensed Consultants

Our experienced consultants are licensed professionals. After a complete audit of security measures, we will provide advice based on physical security best practices and legal standards of care for your business, the surrounding area threat level, and the protocols and physical security measures that are in place at the time of assessment.


Contact ReAkct Security inc.  for a FREE consultation on the security assessment. 

ReAkct Security Services, Inc has as part of its security assessment team, a retired police assistant chief and captain in addition to officers from concerned divisions e.g. narcotics, tac teams, and writ division experts. The president and owner of ReAkct Security Services, Inc has an M.A. in criminology, BS in criminal justice, State of Texas Master Peace Officer, and is a Marine Corps veteran. The security assessment team has conducted property assessments with recommendations tapered to meet the needs of respective businesses and properties throughout the Houston area.  

Address the Most Important Property Security Risks


ReAkct Security Inc. has conducted thousands of commercial property risk assessments. Our experts identify vulnerabilities using industry best practice guidelines to provide a complete assessment of your property, business model, and other relevant factors. Our team of experts will make recommendations regarding risk mitigation based on our security risk analysis.


Our risk assessments and recommendations for countermeasures assist property owners in prioritizing so they can address the most important and urgent security risks first. Our experts are impartial as we are not affiliated with companies selling security products and do not limit ourselves to specific brands and product types that we recommend. Contact us today to learn more or for a FREE consultation on our services.

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