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Reakct Services

ReAkct Security Services, Inc has been operating in the Houston, Harris County, area for over a decade providing security primarily for commercial residential apartment communities. What began as extra employment for Texas Police Officers evolved into a top-of-the-line security team for apartment communities. ReAkct Security Services, Inc has worked with many management companies and through that experience has learned to meet the needs and concerns of that particular type of security. Relationships with apartment management teams have been developed over the years and continue to grow thanks to the hard work of the security officers and their dedication to duty. We look forward to serving You!

Services : Services
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  • Corporate Office Security

  • Concierge Security

  • Construction Security

  • Mobile Patrol Services

  • Event Security

  • Hotel Security

  • Retail Security

  • Industrial & Warehouse Security

  • Executive Protection

  • Security Armed Guard 

  • Private Armed Security

  • Homeowners Association Security

  • Fire Watch Security Services

  • Trade Show & Expo Security

  • Business Security

  • Government Facilities Security

  • Industrial and Manufacturing Security

  • Unarmed Security Guard Services

  • Building Safety and Crime Prevention

  • Risk Management Assessments

  • Access Control Security 

  • Entertainment Industry Security

  • Retail Stores Security

  • Hospital Security Guards

  • Educational Institute Security

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