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Armed Security 

Providing Everything You Need

Providing highly qualified officers that are trained to workin any environment. We offer services such as armed courtesy officers that have been through strenuous training dealing with a multitude of environments. ReAKCt's core is Adaptive Knowledge & Covert Techniques. ReAKCT officers are trained to deescalate hostel situations and always be professional in every situation. 

Clients need armed security guards for many reasons. In some circumstances the target is mobile. Armed guards may be needed to act as escorts for a VIP such as a politician or celebrity on their way to and from a function. In other situations, they may be called upon to transport cash, jewelry, or other valuable items from one location to another. At other times armed security guards may be required to man a guard post or entrance to a business such as a manufacturing facility, office complex, or healthcare facility. Other institutions such as gated residential communities, private members clubs, or religious institutions often employ unarmed and armed guards to control crowd flow, check authorized entry and keep people safe.

In all these situations, the coordinators have decided they need a higher level of protection. Whatever the case may be, ReAkct gives all officers the skills needed to perform their duties with professionalism and to the highest possible ethical standards.

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